Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning & Professional Wealth Advisors, LLC

A huge investment in creative branding evolution…

Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning had leadership brand position in Northern Illinois for more than twenty years. Paula Dorion-Gray was facing her own retirement and sought to transfer the focus from her to others in the company. Compelling images that appealed to both male and female investors were developed and marketing extensively for several years while the business sought new leadership.

The female image that evoked a memory of Audrey Hepburn was launched with a “Star” message used in print, digital, social media and other  marketing with Raue Center for the Arts, women’s and community sponsorships and events as well as magazine ads.

The male motorcycle image was significant to risk concerns in investment and methods DGRP offered to mitigate risk for clients. This message was used in billboards, website, print and digital ads.

New owners, Professional Wealth Advisors, LLC merged with DGRP yet wanted to respect the long honored brand as they on-boarded their own brand of investment advisors.

Dobbe Marketing crafted a branding strategy for both entities in tandem as well as an evolution of brand from DGRP to Professional Wealth Advisors.

Concepts, campaign content, creative design, video, print, digital and outdoor were incorporated into this marketing program.